How to Make Your Own Body Or Facial Scrub Easily

Ever thought about making a few of your own beauty products like body scrub? Well it really is not as difficult as you might have thought to be and more often than not you will probably end up with a product that is much less harsh on your skin.

To make a cheap yet effective body scrub, why not try to mix a bit of granular sugar with your body wash or hair shampoo? I have tried it myself a few times and now I keep a container in my bathroom filled with sugar for those days I decide to have a refreshing body scrub. The nice thing about using your own body wash along with the sugar is that you still get to clean yourself as usual while also removing dead skin cells. This in return will leave a healthy, glowing skin, but for even a better result remember to use a good moisturizer right after having your bath or shower.

For a cheap and effective facial scrub you can really use sugar with just about any kind of foaming face wash. The great thing about using a natural product is that there are no irritants that will cause your face to produce more oil which in return can result in more unwanted spots.

Be sure to not scrub your face more than three times a week as that can cause your skin to start being irritated which in return will leave your skin feeling dry and undernourished. By using a medicated or normal facial scrub too often and more than three times a week on an acne prone skin can also worsen your skin’s condition significantly.

The Truth About Facial Scrubs

In the past, washing your face simply meant taking a wash cloth and scrubbing your face with soap and water and rinsing it off.

These days, washing your face means applying a cleanser, massaging it in, tissuing it off or rinsing it off with water.
Then you soak a cotton ball with a toner to remove all traces of the cleanser and tone your skin.
At least once a week, a facial scrub might be applied before the toner, in which a grainy cream or wash is massaged onto skin to get rid of dirt and slough off dead skin cells to keep skin clear.

Is all that necessary?

Do you really need facial scrubs?

Actually, the old fashioned way of using a wash cloth to scrub your skin is akin to what the facial scrubs do. If you simply cleanse and rinse your skin without sloughing off the dead skin cells, chances are, the skin might get flaky leading to dry looking skin that is dehydrated beneath.

Another possibilitiy is that the debris left behind might clog the pores, giving bacteria the perfect breeding ground which can well lead to acne.

Hence regular scrubs are necessary.

So why buy a scrub when a wash cloth will do?

Personally, I’d rather not use a wash cloth. The thought of bacteria or mould breeding on that wash cloth is enough for me to turn to the first off-the-shelf facial scrub I can find. Sure, use a wash cloth if you intend to send it to the laundry every day and use a fresh wash cloth each day.

Imagine scrubbing your face with the wash cloth. The bacteria and dirt from the skin gets left behind on the cloth. Rinsing it with water wouldn’t get rid of all the bacteria and soap. As you leave the washcloth in the bathroom, which I assume, doubles up as the toilet, the bacteria from doing business floats in the air. Bacteria from the air happily breeds on the moist washcloth which you then use to scrub your face at night.

Okay, I sound like a germ phobe and if your skin is fine with that, a wash cloth should do.

Alternatively, you could make your own scrub. I tried that. A tiny jar of powdered almonds makes a good scrub. Dip your fingers into it, add water, mix and you have got a scrub. The problem is the almond powder left in the damp bathroom, mould and bacteria thrive. If you do not take care, the moisture in the scrub introduced by wet fingers encourage mould and bacteria to thrive which can lead to disastrous results if you use it on your skin, since that home made scrub does not contain anything that would kill the mould or bacteria.

Another popular facial scrub is plain old sugar. My skin didn’t like it as it was rough. Akin to rubbing sandpaper on your face. Add to the ants that decided to colonize the bathroom, or rather, my sugar scrub, I switched back to store bought facial scrubs []
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Exfoliating Facial Scrub – 3 Ways it Benefits the Function of the Skin

Exfoliating facial scrub is one of the best ways to improve the function of the skin. It must be remembered that the skin is the largest organ of the body. Aside from being the biggest attribute to your appearance, it also serves a very important function of protecting your organs.

Just going through the procedure of the exfoliating facial scrub is not enough, you need to make sure that you use the right products or recipe for this task and that you follow the proper techniques.

In order to really put forth an effort into exfoliating facial scrub procedures it is important to understand all of the benefits that you will derive from this.

Benefits of Exfoliation

#1: This is where the skin improves immediately. One of the major things that will happen through facial exfoliation is the removal of the dead cells.

If the build up of dead skin cells are left unattended then over time the skin begins to look thick and crusty. It takes on a dull look and eventually the pores become clogged and it becomes the perfect breeding ground for black heads and pimples. your skin will also become heavy and this attribute to wrinkles.

It is important to point out that a homemade natural facial scrub is half the battle to improving the function of the skin. If a product or recipe contains too many chemicals or is too abrasive then it will create more damage then what may already be evident.

#2: Over a period of time the function of the skin improves and is now able to benefit from the increased circulation and blood flow due to the facial scrub. And a more youthful and vibrant appearance is becoming evident and a much sought after “glow” is now noticeable.

#3: When using a homemade natural facial scrub from recipes comprised of foods you probably already have in your kitchen, you are not only removing dead cells but you are nourishing the live cells as well. And because you are using a natural food you could exfoliate every day. But if you are having this done by a professional, once a week is enough.

Facial exfoliation should really be done gently and not aggressively in order to avoid damaging the fine tissue.

By following these guidelines with your exfoliating facial scrub you are most certain to achieve great results in improving the function of the skin. Remember the pores in the skin need to be open to eliminate the toxins collected in the body over time.